Understanding The Different Types Of Industrial Properties

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If you’re looking to learn more about the different types of industrial properties that are available these days, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’re going to highlight some of the major industrial properties that are used in the modern marketplace, so you’ll have a much better understanding of the different industries that are making use of these facilities. Keeping this in mind, let’s take a closer look.

Storage and distribution are perhaps one of the most common industrial properties in popular use these days, and this kind of facility will usually consist of either distribution warehouses or general-purpose warehouses, both of which are used to store various wares but have different purposes in mind.

Distribution warehouses usually are very large indeed, and they will often be situated near useful travel connections such as airports. Furthermore, many modern distribution warehouses are full of high-tech equipment and they’re often custom-built for their particular industry.

Another common industrial property is found in the manufacturing sector, which will usually consist of large warehouses that are full of specialized equipment along with high-capacity electrical power, pressurized water and airlines, and sophisticated ventilation systems that are a requirement for keeping workers healthy in the manufacturing environment.

However, there is also an alternative to the full-blown manufacturing property, and this is the “light manufacturing” environment that still has a strong focus on the development of new products but doesn’t require such extensive physical capabilities. In addition, these buildings are sometimes referred to as Flex buildings, as they are adaptable enough to cater for a variety of modern industrial needs, regardless of whether that’s manufacturing, research and development, or even simple office space.

In some cases, you may come across refrigerated or cold storage buildings, and as the name suggests, these buildings are designed to hold various products in a cool environment. Often, this will include food products, but this isn’t always the case in every situation.

Yet another popular kind of specialized industrial building is the data hosting center which has certainly become more important over the last decade due to the ever-growing tech industry, who rely on these telecom and data hosting centers to maintain quality communications throughout their entire network. These buildings usually feature expensive computer servers as well as telecom switching equipment, and the buildings are often designed to have cooling throughout the building to keep the expensive tech in cool conditions.

R&D buildings are another key industrial property that are often essential within the tech sector, and these buildings usually include a variety of electronics, computing capabilities, and possibly biotechnology which is becoming very prevalent in the modern environment. It’s worth noting that R&D buildings can vary quite a bit, depending on the kind of work that is going to be taken place within them.

At the end of the day, it’s clear to see that there are a variety of different industrial properties that are required in the modern working environment, and this guide has highlighted some of the most popular that you’re ever likely to come across.


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